Excipients for Drug Formulation

Coating & layering for solid oral dosage forms – a full range of functional solutions

Solid oral dosage forms are coated to apply a range of functions: from attractive colored instant-release coatings or robust taste-masking to functional coatings defining enteric or sustained release. BASF offers all major coating types plus as well as plasticizers for your successful coating formulation.

For solid oral dosage forms, film coating has become an integral part of the formulation. Today almost every tablet has at least a colored instant release coat providing both differentiation and basic physical protection from environmental influences. But due to the possiblities highly functional coating polymers provide, film coating often delivers much more. It can protect moisture sensitive active ingredients from humidity or sensitive patients from the unpleasant taste of certain drugs. And when it comes to enteric and sustained release coatings, the applied film takes over a key role in the design of the drug release profile. Here it is the coat that controls where and how fast the active ingredient is released within the body, and reliable functionality is absolutely critical.

Benefit from our 75 years of expertise in excipient functionality

  • All functional components you need for your coating or layering formulation
  • Instant, enteric and sustained release as well as moisture protection & taste masking
  • Cutting edge aqueous coating solutions for highly efficient & easy-to-process functional coatings

At BASF, we are committed to helping pharmaceutical companies develop safe, effective and reliable products. This is why we are proud to stand behind the industry’s leading portfolio of cutting-edge coating excipients. Whether you work with our third generation, instant release polymer Kollicoat® IR with our sustained release design-space creator Kollicoat® SR 30 D or any other of our trusted products – you will always experience reliable functional performance on every tablet.

Furthermore you can use polymers like our multitalent Kollicoat® IR to create innovative drug layers for dose combinations. And of course we also offer complentary functional polymers like plasticizers and pore formers that you require for your coating formulation.

Colorcon® and BASF collaborate on development of ready-to-use coating systems

At BASF we understand that formulators appreciate to have the choice between formulating their coating inhouse and using a partner who provides this service in form of a ready-to-use coating. That's why we collaborate with industry expert Colorcon® to develop ready-to-use coatings based on our industry leading polymers Kollicoat® IR for instant release formulations and Kollicoat® Smartseal 30 D for taste masking.

Colorcon and BASF advance co-operation to offer superior functional coatings for pharmaceutical tablets

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