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Crystallization inhibition for enhanced bioavailability – BASF functional solutions for solid and liquid formulations

Crystallization inhibition is an important factor to maintain drug solubility and bioavailability out of solid and liquid dosage forms in particular. BASF offers a range of well established crystallization inhibitors that ensure that your drug will not get lost on its way to the point of action in the body.

Inhibiting crystallization can be critical to maintain a certain solubilization of a drug within a medium. Because bioavailability of the crystalline form of an active ingredient is typically significantly lower in comparison to the dissolved state. Crystallization can be inhibited both in liquid and in solid formulations. Potential recrystallization in a liquid form can take place at any point in time after formulation, during storage or administration. In solid dosage forms, an active ingredients is less prone to recrystallization over the period of its storage, even though it can still takes place.

Crystallization inhibition for liquid and solid formulations

  • Trusted functional performance
  • Comprehensive range of crystallization inhibitors of different molecular weight
  • Pyrogen free Kollidon® 12 PF & Kollidon® 17 PF for parenteral formulations

Yet the critical moment comes when the drug is administered and the dosage form dissolved in the gastric tract – the drug is then exposed to gastric liquids. Before it can be adsorbed, recrystallization can happen, causing bioavailability to plummet and a consequent loss of medication efficacy.

BASF povidones like Kollidon® 17 PF and copovidones like Kollidon® VA 64 are proven crystallization inhibitors for liquid dosage forms, and we are working with our customers to find the effective solutions for crystallization inhibition in solid forms.

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