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Kollicoat® Protect

Effective and reliable moisture protection for your active ingredients

Kollicoat® Protect is a combination of water-soluble Kollicoat® IR and polyvinyl alcohol. This instant release coating is highly impermeable to water – making it ideal for moisture-sensitive active ingredients and greatly increasing formulation stability. What’s more, processing is fast and straightforward: this highly flexible film former can be prepared at room temperature, and no plasticizer is required. Thanks to the polymer’s low viscosity, it is possible to create spray suspensions with a solids content of 20 percent – for exceptionally cost-efficient manufacturing processes.

Why choose Kollicoat® Protect?

  • Water-soluble polymer combination for moisture protection
  • Simple formulation, no plasticizer required
  • Robust production processes for consistently good results Smooth scale-up of operations
Product Details
Chemical nature: Owing to the special spray-drying process for Kollicoat® Protect, the polymers are embedded in one another to such an extent that they cannot separate. The powder has good flowability and dissolves rapidly in water.
Chemical name Polyvinyl alcohol-polyethylene glycol copolymer and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)
  • Kollicoat® IR 96734-39-3
  • Polyvinyl alcohol 9002-89-5
  • Silicon dioxide 7631-86-9
Regulatory Status:
  • Kollicoat® IR (film forming polymer in Kollicoat Protect) has been globally approved in medicinal products in all relevant regions, including Europe, Japan and the US.
  •  A Ph. Eur. monograph with the title "Macrogol Poly(vinylalcohol) Grafted Copolymer is included in Ph. Eur. 6.7.
  • A draft USP/NF monograph entitled "Ethylene Glycol and Vinyl Alcohol Graft Copolymer" is published in Pharmacopeial Forum 35(2). The new NF monograph will be included in USP 33, Supplement 1.
Applications:  Together with pigments Kollicoat® Protect gives an excellent moisture protection and taste masking effect. Further to this it can be used as a peroxide-free wet granulation binder or as a pore former in sustained release coatings.

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