Excipients for Drug Formulation

Kollicream® 3C

A mild, emollient, solubilizer and skin penetration enhancer for dermal applications.

Kollicream® 3C is a clear, mildly yellowish, moderately fast spreading medium polar oil for topical semi-solid product formulations. It has proven to be very mild and non-irritating in clinical studies on extremely sensitive patients, and delivers pleasing sensory properties during application; at the same time, forms emollient films. In addition, the product may also be used to solubilize and aid in the dermal delivery of topical APIs, i.e. as skin penetration enhancer. Kollicream® 3C is suitable for use in emulsions, ointments, gels and foams.

Our Kollicream® types can be used as emollient in creams and lotions. This high performance emollient offers incredible flexibility and efficiency for topical drug delivery systems, allowing you to adapt variables such as spreading value, molecular weight, or water permeability in line with your needs. With their moisture retention effect, fattening and re-fattening power, these topical excipients are able to care and protect the skin. Within the formulation they also have an impact on the consistency and appearance of the cream or lotion.

Why use Kollicream® 3C

  • Extremely mild emollient does not irritate the most sensitive skin
  • Aids in dermal penetration of some, especially lipophilic APIs
  • Delivers pleasing sensory properties and forms emollient films
Product Details
CAS No: 95912-86-0
Former Product Name: Cetiol® LC PH
Regulatory Status:

Complies with European Pharmacopoeia monograph and is listed in the US FDA inactive ingredients database for topical application. It is also manufactured under IPEC-PQG GMP conditions.

Ph. Eur.: Cocoyl Caprylocaprate, Coco-caprylate-caprate


The main application is as a non-irritating topical semi-solid for patients with extremely sensitive skin.

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