Excipients for Drug Formulation

Kollidon® 12 PF

The endotoxin-controlled PVP-based solubilizers for parenteral and oral formulations

Kollidon® 12 PF and Kollidon® 17 PF, our soluble low molecular and pyrogen-free Kollidons, deliver functionality to many different areas of formulation. 

They can be used to stabilize micro-molecular structures in injectables and lyophilisates. They can also form hydrogen bonds with compounds with complementary structures for improved dissolution. Kollidon® 12 PF serve as solubilizing agents and crystallization inhibitors particularly for injectables. These properties are of particular interest for antibiotics in solution or lyophylisate form. Kollidon® 12 PF are used in e. g. sulfonamide, melphalan, meclofenoxat, metroni- dazol, mistellectine, taurolidine and trimethoprim formulations. In the area of Instant & Modified release, Kollidon® 12 PF serve as pore former in solid oral dosage forms with sustained release, and allow viscosity enhancement in oral liquid & oral semi-solid dosage forms.

Did you know that Kollidon® 12 PF is highly suitable for injectable formulations?

  • Highly soluble low molecular weight povidone
  • Endotoxin-controlled
  • Suitable as solubilizer and crystallization inhibitor
  • PeroXeal™ packaging for minimizing peroxide formation
Product Details
Chemical name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone
CAS-No: 9003-39-8
Regulatory Status: Kollidon® 12 PF meets the requirements of the current harmonised monographs for povidone in Ph. Eur. and USP-NF.


  • Solubilizing agent
  • Dispersant
  • Crystallisation inhibitor
  • Pore former in solid oral dosage forms
  • Viscosity enhancement in oral liquid & oral semi-solid dosage forms

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