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Kollidon® CL-SF

The finest grade of water-insoluble crospovidone disintegrant available in the market for small and orally disintegrating tablets. It provides smooth tablet surface and cream-like mouth feel. Kollidon® CL-SF strongly improves tablet hardness and has a strong ability to absorb water.

Kollidon® CL-SF is the finest BASF grade for disintegration applications. It has advantages when it comes to special applications, for example oral fast dispersible tablets. The main reason is a reliable disintegration power in combination with a very smooth cream-like mouth feel. Due to its strong ability to absorb water, Kollidon® CL-SF is also used as a regular disintegrant in wet granulation processes with large amounts of solvent use. Kollidon® CL-SF has the highest solvent (water/ethanol, etc.) uptake capacity of all crospovidones produced by BASF. Moreover, Kollidon® CL-SF gives rise to fewer defects on the tablet surface after storage. Like soluble products crospovidone improves the bioavailability of some hardly soluble actives ingredients.

The insoluble grades of Kollidon® (Crospovidone) are manufactured by a polymerization process that yields crosslinked insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidone in the form of a “popcorn” polymer. The polymerisation is performed using an aqueous system. Neither organic solvents nor radical starters are involved at any stage.

Kollidon® CL-SF - The finest disintegrant on the

  • Particularily suitable for small and fast dispersible tablets
  • Creation of smooth tablet surfaces and cream-like mouth feel
  • Suitable for wet granulation due to its strong ability to absorb water
  • Consistently high quality for reliable performance and formulation stability

The insoluble Kollidon® CL-grades possess a number of useful properties for pharmaceutical products.

  • Improvement of tablet disintegration through predictable swelling without gel-formation
  • Swelling properties paired with particle size distribution make the fine Kollidon® CL-grades work efficiently in fast disintegrating formulations
  • Narrow particle size distributions in conjunction with a high swelling pressure recommends Kollidon® CL-SF as disintegrant for small tablets with low API-concentrations
  • In contrast to other disintegrants the Kollidon® grades improve the release and the bioavailability of drugs through complex formation
  • Kollidon® grades feature selective adsorption of polyphenols by complex formation
  • Kollidon® grades feature selective complex formation with some endotoxins
Product Details
Chemical name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone, crosslinked
Synonyms: Crospovidone, crospovidonum, insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidone, crosslinked PVP. 
CAS-No: 9003-39-08
Regulatory Status: Kollidon® CL-SF meets the requirements of the current monographs for crospovidone in Ph. Eur., USP-NF and JPE. Due to its particle size Kollidon® CL-SF corresponds to Type B in Ph. Eur.
Description: The insoluble Kollidon® grades are supplied as fine white or almost white powders. They have a slight characteristic odor and are practically tasteless. They are insoluble in all of the usual solvents.

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