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Kollidon® VA64

A copovidone used in granulation and as a dry binder in tablets, capsules and granules, as a film-forming agent in tablet coatings and subcoatings, and as a film-forming agent in topical sprays. Soluble copovidones are widely used for instant release formulation and is suitable in hot melt extrusion processes.

Kollidon® VA 64 is a vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymers. It is used as dry binder for direct compression tableting, as granulating agent, as retarding and as a film-forming agent as well as in taste-masking applications. As copovidone with an exceptionally high binding capacity, Kollidon® VA 64 can be used as a dry binder for direct compression tableting and as a soluble binder for granulation. These properties make it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to natural binders. In addition, it is ideal as a solubilizer in hot-melt extrusion processes. Kollidon® VA 64 is especially suitable for markets with higher humidity exposure.

Benefits of Kollidon® VA 64

  • The original PVP from the industry’s most experienced team
  • Especially suitable for direct compression, roller compaction, hot melt extrusion processes as well as for markets with high humidity exposure
  • Superior plasticity for very hard tablet production
  • Compliant with the current monographs for copovidone
  • Consistently high quality for reliable performance and formulation stability

Applications for Kollidon® VA64

Product Details
Chemical name: Vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer
CAS-No: 25086-89-9
INCI: PVP/VA Copolymer
Regulatory Status: Kollidon® VA 64 meets current Ph. Eur., USP monograph "Copovidone" and the JPE monograph "Copolyvidone"
Applications: The main application is as soluble binder for granulation and as dry-binder in direct compression technology, as a film-forming agent in sprays and as pore-former in coating and taste-masking applications, as well as solubilizer in hot melt extrusion processes.
Solubility: Kollidon® VA 64 readily dissolves in all hydrophilic solvents. Solutions of more than 10% concentration can be prepared in water, ethanol, isopropanol, methylene chloride, glycerol and propylene glycol It is less soluble in ether, cyclic, aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons.

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Kollidon® VA 64 Information & Certificates
Kollidon® VA 64 Information & Certificates

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