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Kolliphor® P 338

A polymeric multi-talent suitable for a large variety of applications, i.e. Kolliphor® P 338 can be used as solubilizer, emulsifier and plasticizer.

Kolliphor® P 338 is used primarily as thickening agent and gel former, but also as co-emulsifier and consistency enhancer in creams and liquid emulsions, i.e. intravenous fat emulsions. Owing to its ability to affect viscosity, Kolliphor® P 338 is also suitable as stabilizer for topically administered suspensions. As solubilizing agent maintains the clarity of elixirs and syrups. Moreover, it is also  used as a wetting agent in eye drops, ointments, suppository bases, gels, and as tablet binder and coating. As plasticizer in solid dispersions Kolliphor® P 338 is suitable for use in melt granulation, spray drying and hot melt extrusion processes.

Why choose Kolliphor® P 338

  • Suitable for a broad range of applications
  • Fully approved – the high performance and safety is backed by comprehensive documentation
  • BASF’s unparalleled portfolio of solubilizers and emulsifiers for topical products offers you the perfect solution, whatever the application or formulation type
Product Details
Former tradename: Lutrol® F 108 
Chemical Name: Methyl Oxirane polymer with Oxirane
Compendial Name: Ph. Eur., USP-NF: Poloxamer 338
CAS No.: 9003-11-6
Description: Kolliphor®  P grades are white coarse-grained powders with a waxy consistency. They contain an appropriate quantity of the antioxidant BHT. It is freely soluble in water (opalescent solutions) and ethanol; insoluble in diethyl ether, paraffin and fatty oils.

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