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Kollisolv® PG

Manufactured under cGMP, Kollisolv® PG (1,2-propyleneglycol) can used across a wide range of applications, i.e. as plasticizer, solvent or co-solvent, stabilizer, or as carrier for emulsifiers.

Kollisolv® PG (1,2-propyleneglycol) is manufactured in line with the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP, according to ICH Q7A guideline) as a high purity grade. It is therefore suitable for any approved application. 

Benefits of Kollisolv® PG

  • High purity premium solvent
  • Suitable for a large variety of applications

Kollisolv® PG is used in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations:

  • As a preservative
  • As a carrier for emulsifiers and as a vehicle for flavours
  • As an extractant for active principles from natural products
Product Details
Chemical name: 1,2 Propandiol, (RS)-propane- 1,2 diol
INCI name: Propylene Glycole
Compendial name: Ph. Eur., USP/NF, JP: Propylene Glycol
CAS-No: 57-55-6
Regulatory Status: Meets current Propylene Glycol USP, Ph. Eur., JP, FCC monographs. The Compliance with the Directive 95/2/EC (E 1520), which regulates human food additives other than colours and sweeteners, is verified on random samples.
Properties: Kollisolv® PG is a clear, colourless viscous liquid of low volatility with a boiling range of 185 – 189 °C. It is odourless, neutral and hygroscopic. It is miscible in all proportions with water, lower alcohols, esters and ketones. Kollisolv® PG is a germicide of approximately equal strength to ethanol. In solutions it suppresses the growth of microorganisms. The concentration required depending on the species, though generally 15 – 30% Kollisolv® PG in the solution achieves the desired effect.

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