Excipients for Drug Formulation

Kolliwax® CSA 70

A fatty alcohol mixture, preferred for its stability in emulsion formulations

Kolliwax® CSA 70 is a white to pale-yellow, wax-like, 70:30 blend of cetyl and stearyl alcohol; supplied as free-flowing micro pearls. With a raw material base of coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil, and/or palm stearine, it functions as an O/W co-emulsifier and structure-building consistency factor for lotion and cream formulations. Kolliwax® CSA 70 is also suitable for use in ointment and gels. It is also a viscosity regulator and is used in suppository masses. Can be used in combination with fatty alcohols and other consistency factors.

Why use Kolliwax® CSA 70?

  • Compatible with most natural vegetable and animal waxes
  • Creates a more stable matrix, when formulated with emulsifier and water
  • Slightly broader melting point window than Kolliwax® CA and Kolliwax® SA
  • Its superior manufacturing process results in improved efficiency and higher purity
  • Low HLB
Product Details
CAS No.: 67762-27-0
Former Product Name: Speziol® D Pharma
Regulatory Status:

Meets European Pharmacopoeia monograph, and is manufactured under IPEC-PQG GMP conditions.

Ph. Eur.: Cetostearyl alcohol 70

Applications: Functions as a viscosity regulator, an O/W co-emulsifier and consistency factor for lotion and cream formulations; used in suppository masses.

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Kolliwax® CSA 70

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