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Kolliwax® MA

A consistency factor with low melting point and soft sensory effect

Kolliwax® MA is a white to light yellow hydrophilic wax, supplied in pellet form. It is a pure natural C14 fatty alcohol with a melting point close to body temperature that enhances the sensory profile of semi-solid formulations. Kolliwax® MA the spreadabilty and the smoothness of the formulation. It does this by building up lamellar structure and mixed micelles to enhance stability and viscosity. Kolliwax® MA is suitable for application in emulsions & cream, ointments and gels. Due to its low melting point it can also be used in suppository masses.

Why use Kolliwax® MA?

  • Used for multiple topical pharmaceutical applications such as, gel creams, lotions and creams
  • Creates a unique softness and creaminess in an end application
  • Has a lower melting point and consistency factor, with soft and pleasing sensory properties
Product Details
CAS No.: 112-72-1
Former Product Name: Speziol® C 14 Pharma
Regulatory Status:

Meets USP/NF monographs and is listed in the US FDA Inactive Ingredients Database. It is also manufactured under IPEC-PQG GMP conditions.

USP-NF: Myristyl alcohol

Applications: Functions as an O/W co-emulsifier and consistency factor; used in suppository masses.

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