Excipients for Drug Formulation

Ludiflash® – The taste of success

Ludiflash® is an all-in-one solution: filler, binder, and disintegrant that provides tablets with exceptional hardness and low friability, while giving your ODT an outstandingly creamy mouthfeel. It lowers storage and analytical costs and accelerates product development and process validation. Tableting is possible with any conventional equipment and any preferred packaging type. Ludiflash® enhances the cohesion with API‘s and is compatible with many typical ingredients in standard formulations.

There is a growing demand for orally dispersible tablets that disintegrate in the mouth within seconds, quickly releasing the active ingredients for rapid relief. That is precisely how Ludiflash® works – and with a smoother, creamier texture than any other excipient to date.

Ludiflash® – for drugs patients love to take and manufacturers love to make

  • Enhances patient compliance by making drugs pleasant to take and taste
  • Makes tablets easy to swallow, even without water
  • Increases acceptance of tablets by the very young and elderly
  • Provides flowability, compressability, hardness and stability in production

Making tablets with a melt-in-your-mouth convenience as smooth as ice cream

Taking tablets is not always easy when you are on the go, when clean water is not available, or when swallowing is difficult – for example for children and elderly patients. That’s why there is a growing demand for disintegrating tablets that disperse in the mouth within seconds, while quickly releasing the active ingredients for rapid relief. Ludiflash® has been designed to overcome patients' resistance to taking tablets, by making them feel pleasant in the mouth and easy to swallow, even without water. It also ensures that the active ingredients are delivered quickly and reliably. Ludiflash® simplifies processes and can be incorporated in a variety of production techniques including compression, roller compaction, and granulation.

Do business your way, with Ludiflash®

As a manufacturer, you need flowability, compressibility, hardness and stability to make sure your products are suitable for polyethylene containers and push-through blisters. In fact, on all of these scores, Ludiflash® will exceed anything you have ever experienced. With Ludiflash®, you are free to use your own production facilities while retaining complete control over your formulations and manufacturing processes. Because you enjoy full commercial independence and flexibility, you can effectively manage your costs. And your product and intellectual property stay where they belong – within your organization. No license. No royalities. No confidentiality agreement.

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Easy processing with Ludiflash®

Ludiflash® is suitable for direct compression and roller compaction. It can also be used in wet-granulation processes where required. Blends can be processed in standard tableting machines or used in the form of granulate or powder. Ludiflash® offers good flowability, minimal water absorption, exceptionally high cohesion and no separation of active ingredients. Direct compression offers clear advantages. The components are weighed, mixed and directly compressed. What’s more, direct compression is very gentle on the active ingredients.

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