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Ludipress® LCE

Ludipress® LCE is a ready-to-use direct compression solution for lozenges, chewables and effervescent tablet. The white, free-flowin granulate that means quicker, easier, and more cost-effective tableting. With Ludipress® LCE, you save precious time on developing, analyzing and blending. You simply add your active ingredient, a lubricant, and compress your tablets. It is that easy.

Ludipress® LCE means less effort, lower costs, and higher quality for lozenges, chewables, sublingual or effervescent tablets and modified release formulations. Ludipress® LCE does – in contrast to Ludipress® – not contain the disintegrant Kollidon® CL. Ludipress® LCE is therefore completely water-soluble and particularly suitable for the cost saving direct compression of processing. It enables direct compression of the majority of tablets that do not require a disintegrant. Like Ludipress®, Ludipress® LCE is a granulate that forms a homogenous mixture with the active ingredient – saving you development and analysis costs, and enabling you to quickly achieve the perfect formulation. When disintegrant Kollidon® CL is admixed, Ludipress® LCE is also suitable for all other kinds of tablets. When combined with an additional dry binder in the shape of Kollidon® VA 64, Ludipress® LCE can also be employed for high-dosage formulations.


Ludipress® LCE – enabling efficient direct tablet manufacturing

  • Streamlines the production process, reducing complexity and effort like no other direct-tableting excipient
  • Completely water-soluble
  • Outstanding binding power
  • Excellent flowability and ideal particle size distribution
  • Produces tablets of exceptional hardness
  • Accelerates product development
Ludipress® LCE
Product Details
Chemical name Lactose, povidone
CAS-No. 5989-81-1 + 9003-39-8
Regulatory Status The formulated ingredients lactose monohydrate and Kollidon® 30 correspond to the current monographs in Ph. Eur., USP/NF and J.P.
Applications The main application is for direct compression for use in chewable tablets and lozenges, for effervescent tablets and as bulking agent for modified release formulations.
Ludipress® LCE composition

96.5% Lactose + 3.5% Kollidon® 30

The result: a granulate comprising carrier and filler as well as a tried and tested Povidone binder, with superior binding power.

How direct compression with Ludipress® saves you time and money.

With Ludipress® LCE, you can minimize the development effort associated with a new tablet. All components comply with the leading pharmacopoeias – giving you guaranteed quality from the very outset.

You no longer have to weigh individual components, and blend them yourself. Ludipress® LCE forms homogenous mixtures with the active ingredient with ease and speed. Simply add your active ingredient to Ludipress® LCE – its excellent flowability means quick and uniform distribution. Add your lubricant, and compress your tablets. It is as easy as that.

Ludipress® LCE is greater than the sum of its individual parts: It is a formulated blend of excipients, creating a high-quality, ready-to-use granulate.

Although manufactured by direct compression, the tablets demonstrate exceptionally low friability.

Due to the absence of the disintegrant Kollidon® CL, Ludipress® LCE is completely soluble in water.

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