Excipients for Drug Formulation

Film formers for solid oral dosage forms – functional solutions from BASF

Film formers are used in the formulation process to apply a coating layer to provide a range of functionalities: from attractive instant-release coatings to robust taste-masking solutions. BASF offers a full range of highly efficient film formers for all dosage forms.

At BASF, we are committed to helping pharmaceutical companies develop safe, effective and reliable products. This is why we are proud to stand behind the industry’s leading portfolio of cutting-edge film forming excipients for a variety of formulation challenges – from attractively instant-release coatings to robust taste-masking solutions. We understand that in today’s intensely competitive markets, efficient manufacturing is a must. Our Kollicoat® products were developed with streamlined processing in mind. All of these polymers can easily and quickly be dispersed in water – without lumps, unpleasant odors or organic solvents. Patient safety is our utmost priority. All of our Kollicoat® products have undergone extensive testing, and have been approved by the relevant regulatory bodies. Furthermore, almost all of our pharmaceutical excipients are already being used in end products around the world.

With our film formers, you are set to achieve your goals

  • Smart design for cutting–edge performance
  • Safe and easy handling and processing
  • Committed to reliable supply and support
  • Designed to be safe

Film forming solutions for your formulation need

Instant Release

BASF offers highly functional, instant release polymers.

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Sustained Release

Powerful excipients that provide almost endless design space for sustained release formulations.

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Enteric Release

BASFs enteric release excipients offer maximum functionality while being the most easy-to-apply.

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Taste Masking

BASF offers a whole range of taste masking solutions for solid and liquid dosage forms.

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Moisture Protection

BASF offers moisture protective coatings which secure active ingredients from environmental moisture throughout its lifetime.

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Coating / Layering

Coating & layering for solid oral dosage forms – a full range of functional solutions.

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Portfolio Overview

Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

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The coating portfolio for present and future formulation challenges

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