Excipients for Drug Formulation

Functional solutions for formulations with instant drug release

An instant release profile enables the immediate beginning of the dissolving process of a dosage form once it has been swallowed and reached the patient’s stomach. BASF offers highly functional, instant release polymers.

Instant drug release is the most commonly used release profile for solid oral dosage forms. It means to release the active ingredient immediately when it reaches the stomach. Since most solid dosage forms, particularly tablets, receive a coating to provide them with basic protection from environmental factors as well as pleasant appearance, a formulator needs to make sure that this coating dissolves just as fast.

We offer a comprehensive range of functional materials that provide exactly this characteristic. Whether you are looking for a high efficiency instant release coating, for moisture protection or for easy-to-apply yet very effective taste-masking – we have a solution.

BASFs instant release solutions are characterized by

  • High efficiency, thus low cost-of-ownership
  • Robust processing and easy-of-use
  • Applicability in aqueous media, no organic solvents required
  • Highly functional, cutting-edge instant release polymer portfolio
  • Effective and easy to apply taste-masking and moisture protection solutions

And of course, we also offer a wide range of functional solutions to create instant release pores in sustained release matrices or coatings.

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