Excipients for Drug Formulation

Enhance your portfolio with Kolliwax® consistency factors

BASF’s Kolliwax® portfolio features an extensive selection of oleochemical consistency factors to enhance your formulations.

Available as free-flowing powders, free-flowing micro-pearls, and fatty acid mixtures, our consistency factors regulate the viscosity and stability of semi-solid formulations. These high-performance excipients include viscosity and sensorial modifiers that ensure smooth formulations every time, while co-emulsifiers improve stability. And because they are rigorously tested and verified to the most stringent standards, our pharmaceutical-grade products deliver premium quality and exceptional reliability.

Consistency factors with a pharmaceutical-grade edge

  • Fully approved, pharmaceutical-grade products – for peace of mind
  • Innovative solutions for better, more stable formulations
  • Guaranteed performance across a wide variety of applications

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Consistency Factors to enhance your formulation

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