Excipients for Drug Formulation

Kollicream® – Pharmaceutical-grade emollients with exceptional sensory qualities

BASF’s Kollicream® emollients deliver exceptional performance for a wide variety of applications. 

Primarily known for their skin softening and smoothing properties, emollients can also be used to adjust the consistency and appearance of creams and lotions. Our portfolio include excipients that feel like cosmetics on the skin, milder formulations for minimal irritation, and easy-to-apply products for large areas. Plus, the Kollicream® range offers unparalleled flexibility – allowing you to adapt variables such as spreading value, molecular weight, or water permeability in line with your needs.

Enhance the sensory quality of your formulation

  • Incredible flexibility – adapt variables in line with your needs
  • Excipients with a cosmetic look and feel, milder formulations
  • High-performance emollients for efficient topical drug delivery

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Pharmaceutical-grade emollients – with exceptional sensory qualities

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