Excipients for Drug Formulation

Formulation Design – Supporting Your Formulation Challenges

End-to-end excellence: BASF´s functional topical ingredients and expertise to help you overcome critical formulation challenges.

In the highly competitive, fast-paced business of medicated topical products, development scientists need an intimate knowledge of the physical properties, chemical behavior, specifications, regulatory status, quality attributes and performance of the excipients they use.

BASF is committed to providing comprehensive, deeply detailed answers to the questions that impact your projects. We can help overcome issues related to product stability, API release and bioavailability, excipient selection and in some cases processing issues. Semi-solid formulation microstructure and its impact on bioavailability and efficacy is a critical topic for brand developers, generic formulators and regulators these days. BASF is committed to understanding how excipient selection and quality can impact microstructure and also product efficacy. On-going internal studies and external partnerships are building our knowledge and expertise in this area. Our experts understand that when it comes to topical formulations, every single element counts. This is why we are committed to best-in-class quality across the ingredients spectrum – whether emulsifiers, gel formers, consistency factors, solvents, actives or emollients.


  • Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
  • Fully approved, pharmaceutical-grade products – for peace of mind
  • Experience and our analytical knowledge to support formulators worldwide

Our portfolio is a perfect tool kit to manipulate semi-solo microstructures. Our Kolliphor® emulsifiers, Kolliwax® consistency factors and Kollicream® emollient are the perfect combinations to yield a breadth of formulation aesthetics and drug delivery platforms. Kolliwax® S aids to correct issues with weeping and grainy texture in creams due to low acid values. Moreover, BASF's Pluriol® E series PEGs is especially suitable for the production of ointments with acceptable sensory properties.

Excipients to enhance your formulation design