Excipients for Drug Formulation

Sensory: Excipients for medicated formulations that have pleasing aesthetics to drive patient compliance

Our portfolio of oleochemical excipients that can improve rub-in properties, reduce greasiness, manage stickiness, and provide pleasing aesthetics to communicate comfort and healing benefits.

It is well known that the sensory and aesthetic properties of medicated drug products can have an impact on the compliance of patients. Pleasing sensory properties make it easy for patients to use the products as prescribed and can also provide emotional support and healing benefits. This is especially true with topical products where the patient has longer interaction with the product during application, relative to oral dosage forms. Important aesthetic properties can be controlled by the selection of emulsifiers, waxes, oils and polymers. The sensorial effects of our ingredients have been thoroughly characterized in order to increase patient compliance. Our BASF offers a wide range of high and low melting point oleochemicals, as well as polymers, that can be utilized to tailor topical semi-solid formulations, foams and gels so that they are pleasing to use and even preferred. Examples include Kolliwax® products to reduce stickiness by modifying crystallinity in post-application product films, Kollicream® as an alternative to mineral oil, with preferred sensory properties (as proven with trained sensory panel), and a broad range of emulsifiers that can impact sensory properties. In addition, BASF also offers expertise and knowledge on how to achieve positive aesthetics through effective formulating.

Excipients with a cosmetic look and feel

  • Increased patient compliance through characterized sensorial effects
  • Improved rub-in properties
  • Reduced greasiness and stickiness