Excipients for Drug Formulation

Melt granulation for enhanced solubility and bioavailability

Melt granulation is a great process option in a formulators' biovailability enhancement arsenal. A meltable binder is used to agglomerate drug and other ingredients to reduce recrystallization potential through separation. BASF offer all functional materials required for a successful formulation using melt granulation.

In order to increase solubility & bioavailability of a drug, a formulator considers multiples technological approaches, and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses. One option in the arsenal of formulators today is melt granulation. Its advantage is the low exposure of the active ingredient to heat as well as the possibility to setup a continuous process. In general melt granulation is done by melting an appropriate polymer (i.e. Soluplus®) and then homogenizing the active ingredient and other formulation components into the melt. Target is to homegeniously distribute and separate the active ingredient in the resulting solid, which can then be processed further into a solid dosage form.

Advantages of melt granulation as means to increase solubility and bioavailability

  • Wide range of polymers applicable since heating is limited to polymer used
  • Continuous process setup possible
  • No melting of active ingredient during processing

While typical methods for melt granulation use high shear, fluidized bed and tumbling melt granulation equipment, advances in related technologies have also made twin-screw extruders a viable option, particularly with respect to low footprint and continuous processing potential.

BASF offers a comprehensive range of functional excipients that enable formulators to develop melt granulated, bioavailability enhanced dosage forms – including Poloxamers like Kolliphor® P407 or advanced polymers like Soluplus®.

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