Excipients for Drug Formulation

Solid dispersions – a great way to increase the solubility and bioavailability of your drug

In a solid dispersion the drug is dispersed in a carrier with the system appearing to be in a solid state. Target is an increase in solubility and bioavailability. BASF offers both an comprehensive portfolio and process expertise to consult you in finding the best formulation for your poorly soluble drug using a solid dispersions.

Increasing number of poorly soluble drugs
The pharmaceutical industry is facing the challenge of having more and more poorly soluble drug molecules that have to be developed into dosage forms so that high and reliable drug absorption can be guaranteed on being administered to patients. Different approaches are possible to overcome solubility issues. Solid dispersions are one of them. It seeks to disperse the drug in a carrier and create a solid system that can be processed into a final dosage form.

Benefit from our combination of comprehensive portfolio & technology expertise

  • Industry leading expertise in solid dispersions
  • Broad portfolio covering every functionality required
  • Functional polymers for all major processing technologies

Characteristics of solid dispersions

There several types of solid dispersions, nevertheless typical characteristics are a reduced particle size of the active ingredient, improved wetting, reduced agglomeration, changes in the physical state of the drug and possibly dispersion on a molecular level. The physical state of the solid dispersion will depend on the physicochemical properties of the carrier and the drug, the drug-carrier interactions and the preparation method.

Typical processes to create solid dispersions
Solid dispersions can be produced using various technologies. Some of the most relevant are spray drying, hot melt extrusion and freeze drying, with all of them having their pro's and con's. For in depth comparison and further details we have put together a compendium discussing solid dispersions, different processing technologies and hot melt extrusion in particular. Hot melt extrusion compendium

At BASF, we understand that using a solid dispersion approach is one out of various approaches to achieve sufficient solubility & bioavailability for your active ingredient. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of functional solutions in combination with extensive processing know-how. This allows us to help you to find the optimal solution for your drug, combining sufficient solubility & bioavailability with economic & efficient production processes.

Platform Solutions

Solubilization Platform

Effective solubilization in solid & liquid dosage forms. The right path for greater solubility and bioavailability.

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Portfolio Overview

Focusing on your needs with platform solutions

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BASF functional portfolio for solid dispersions

Functionality applied to create solid dispersions


BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio of plasticizing substances for solid dispersion matrices. BASF plasticizers fulfil the requirements of most important monographs and are based on various chemistries and molecular weights.

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