Sustainability @ BASF Pharma Solutions: Interview with Sebastian Form

Sebastian Form, Director Applied Sustainability Nutrition & Health at BASF, answers the questions "It’s time for sustainable sourcing within the pharma industry - why?" and "How can BASF contribute to sustainability within the pharma industry?".

A growing demand is putting increased pressure on our planet. We already consume more than the earth can regenerate. Sustainability and responsible action are therefore crucial for our future. We need to balance economic, environmental, and social needs to ensure a more sustainable development.

We make a contribution and take on social and ecological responsibility by giving priority to sustainable solutions and innovations, technologies, and production processes. BASF concentrates on conserving resources, reducing waste, and offering efficient solutions. This approach not only gives us opportunities to grow, it also allows us to contribute to making the world a little better for our generation and generations to come.

An awareness of resource efficiency, environmental impact, and patient health and safety is also increasing among our stakeholders. We need to engage in an open dialogue and act together with and for our customers and other stakeholders. We partner to develop more sustainable solutions that meet our society’s needs, because sustainability is a journey we can only embark on together.

Sustainable Solution Steering™

Our customer can expect the innovative solutions they have always recieved. At the same time, we are enhancing the sustainability performance of our portfolio.


Our longterm global goals

We have set ourselves longterm goals in the areas of economy, environment, safety, employees, and society.


Quantifying sustainability

Sustainable development has been defined as the balance of economic success, ecological protection and social responsibility. To effectively manage sustainability, a company must be able to measure or otherwise quantify sustainability in each of these pillars.


Product Sustainability Contribution


Kollicoat® Products

Designed to be safe

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Kollidon® Products

Combining tradition with innovative solution

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Our Customer Service offer SET – applied sustainability

Consumers and retailers are increasingly looking for more sustainable products. This means that efficiency and sustainability are key, as we need to produce more with less. To remain competitive, brand owners and manufacturers must keep pace.

SET – applied sustainability makes sustainability measurable and identifies opportunities to enhance product sustainability across the entire value chain. This creates an additional value dimension for consumers, brands, and our customers' business.


Responsible Action

Mass Balance solution for sustainable solvents

BASF and TÜV SÜD developed the “mass balance solution” that allows conventional fossil resources in the current Production Verbund to be replaced by renewable resources, while ensuring that the formulation and quality of the corresponding end products remain unchanged.

The “mass balance” process consists in using renewable raw materials (biomass) as feedstock at the very beginning of production in the Verbund. These renewable raw materials are then allocated to the respective sales products. The certified products contribute to sustainable development by saving fossil resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on the mass balance method, please take a look at BASF brochure.

Sustainability in

In order to pursue sustainability in procurement, we believe it is essential that our suppliers support us on our commitment. Our Supplier Code of Conduct as well as the "Together for Sustainability" initiative play an important role for the integration of sustainability.


Operational Excellence

Over the long term, value added growth can only be achieved if economic success hamonizes with social and environmental responsibility. Our efficient preserve the environment, since we sparingly use resources and reduce emissions.

Employees and

We take social responsibility seriously. In order to protect our employees, contractors and neighbors we ensure safe working conditions. We are also involved in diverse projects worldwide, especially in the communities in which our sites are located.