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    APIs & Raw Materials

      BASF offers a large variety of chemical raw materials to meet the specific needs of your API production.

      The world's largest portfolio of chemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

      BASF’s broad portfolio of products and services across the pharmaceutical value chain also includes a comprehensive portfolio of synthesis tools such as top quality building blocks, synthetic and protecting group reagents, solvents, high-purity iron salts an catalysts. Customers benefit from the availability at commercial scale of chiral amines, alcohols, epoxides and acids that are marketed under the ChiPros® trademark and prepared using BASF’s robust technology platforms. Inorganic specialities such as organozinc‑halide reagents, boranes and a wide range of specialty alcoholates complete BASF’s pharma offering. BASF's catalysts portfolio includes fine-chemical catalysts and a full loop of metals-management services. Overall BASF develops, produces and markets over 700 chemical raw materials to meet specific needs of API production.

      Leading supplier of omega-3 and ibuprofen

      BASF is the world leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) such as ibuprofen and omega-3 fatty acids. BASF has focussed on the production of a small selected active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our portfolio also includes APIs such as Polyethylene Glycol 3350 (Macrogol/PEG) and L-Menthol. With a strong international presence, BASF is a truly global partner that can also offer reliable local support. And thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities located around the world, we can deliver the products you need – wherever and whenever you need them.

      Extensive technology platform

      BASF has one of the most extensive technology platforms for manufacturing specialties for the pharmaceutical industry. These include technologies for chiral as well as achiral intermediates. The technology portfolio spans the whole range from classical to modern technologies like phosgene chemistry and enantioselective biotransformations.

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    Our wide range Ibuprofen of faster-acting ibuprofen for rapid pain relief.


    BASF – World leader in Omega-3. Proven, pure and potent omega-3 solutions.


    BASF's pharmaceutical-grade L-Menthol is an synthetically produced organic compound.

    Excipients for Drug Formulation

    Equipped with an in-depth understanding of multiple industries, technologies and applications, we have the skills and resources to make drug manufacturing more efficient, robust, and cost-effective. Whether you want to make your medicine more effective, safer, or more patient-friendly, BASF has the solution you need. Find the right answers to your pharmaceutical formulation challenges.